Beach House Status

May 2020

  • Cleared scrub.

2018 to 2020

  • Over a number of visits installed wood heater and flue.

Jan 2018 11th to 21st 2018

  • Removed one window and installed double doors, wire doors, pavers, steps, outdoor shower & tap

  • Mowed grass inside & outside property.

  • More barbed wire on fence.

16 to 19 June 2017

  • Installed new outside water tank to collect water off metal roof.

  • Swapped old BBQ with updated one.

  • More barbed wire on fence.

7 to 13 Jan 2017

  • Mowed grass inside & outside property.

  • Built retaining wall on kitchen side of house.

  • Cleaned out and flushed header and hot water tanks.

  • Installed underfloor insulation on the ceiling of the room underneath house. Will keep room warmer in winter & provide some acoustic deadening.

  • Cleaned solar panel.

9 to 12 Oct 2016

  • Replaced fly-wire on door.

  • Installed “charging shelf” on wall beside entrance to main bedroom. Ran wires from light switch to a 12v socket. User needs to supply 12v to USB adapter.

  • More barbed wire on fence.

  • Noticed bees around gaps in eaves facing to beach. Blocked up gaps.

  • Replaced empty gas bottle.

9 to 12 Sept 2016

  • Installed new water tank with tap beside shed. Fed from overflow of tanks under house. Tank was donated.

  • Replaced rusted fence pole near back gate.

  • Got rid of old couch and one chair.

  • Cleaned out shed & garage & took load of stuff to tip.

  • Rearranged water inlet into other 3 tanks under house to minimise flooding.

  • Fixed wire door so it closes by itself. Cleaned out all gutters. Extended battery shelf. Replaced braces holding header tank. Donated new (old) wheelbarrow. Cleaned solar panel. Installed hooks under house to hold chairs. More barbed wire on fence.

18 June 2016

  • Increased height of fence where people were getting over near back of garage and added more barbed wire.

  • Rearranged water inlet into 3 tanks under house. Hopefully bathroom won't flood any more.

23 Jan 2016

  • Installed 12v water pump behind wall in bathroom.

  • New padlock on gas bottles.

21 Jan 2016

  • Police fingerprinted bikes in shed.

  • All grass in and outside property cut.

  • Concrete base on disused pole behind shed broken up (needs to be buried).

1 Jan 2016

  • Shed door forced open. Flexible hoses to gas cylinders stolen (used an old fixed connection temporarily). BBQ regulator stolen.

  • Six (cheap) LED lights under veranda stolen.

  • Tried to steal bikes in garage but unsuccessful (smashed hole in side of garage when roller door was unlocked!).

  • Reported to Police.

October 2015

  • Solar panel, battery & 12v charging system installed. Can be used for lights & pump. Includes USB charging ports.

Last Updated June 2017