History of the Telstra Research Laboratories


A set of 2 data DVD's with the complete History of the Research Laboratories including all video and audio clips is available. For details on how to obtain the DVD's email me (address is on first page of www.coxhill.com).

Closure of TRL
TRL closed its operations in December 2005. About 80% of the staff accepted redundancies and the rest obtained positions in other areas of Telstra.

TRL History
Highlights of the 83 year history of the Telstra Research Laboratories.

Memories of TRL
Some memories from Rick Coxhill who worked at TRL for 39 years.

Chronicles of Trel
Satirical look at events in TRL. Only meaningful to those who have worked at TRL since 1990. The chronicles are supplied to me anonymously.

Media Items
Media items about TRL.

Unofficial photos of TRL staff, buildings and equipment.

The Big Walk
The story of three intrepid staff who, on their first day at the new Clayton site, walked to Clayton from their old building in the CBD carrying the old buildings name plate.

Skeletons in the Cupboard
The dark side of TRL.

The Grepper
A poem about a well known system administrator.

A tasteless posting to the aus.flame newsgroup in 1991 that nearly got the TRL internet connection cut off and resulted in internal newsgroup censorship.

Tool Kit Numbers
A 1968 list of staff and their Tool Kit Numbers.

Keeping in Contact
A mailing list/newsgroup to keep in contact with xTRLer's.

Thanks to all those who have contributed items (some anonymously). If you have anything in your archives that may be of interest to others, please pass it to me and I will add it to this site.

Last updated: 9th August 2007